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Tina Meier , DE, 1.10.99

Schöne Website! Grüße Tina Bitte besuchen Sie uns

Erik , Norway, 011099

Well, the man WAS a great musician/composer, but a painter? NO!

intrigued , us, 10/01/99

I saw Mr. Mccartney's paintings on his official website. I was pleasantly sur- prised to discover how much spiritual depth and empathy they reveal. I have been an avid listener to all the great Lennon-Mccartney music for over two decades so I have always known that Paul was a very feeling, caring person but I wasn't aware of how multi-faceted his talent is. Thank you for The Beatles and all they gave us.

Lucille Wilkes , America, 10/2/99

As a Pro. Artist myself, and connisseur, I was curious to see what Mr McCartney's work was like. It was not surprising that to see it reflected emotion rather then beauty. The great amounts of yellow show your consuming need to sooth your own soul Rare is this love. Glad your coming out again, many need your inspiration.

David Young , USA, 5/10/99

I shouldn't have been surprised that one of the greatest musical geniuses of the 20th century is also a talented visual artist as well. As one of the other guests noted above, I had read the description of these artworks in the Miles biography, and have been waiting to see them for myself. The gallery has created a wonderful website for viewing these works! But I'd like to see them in person! Any chance of a USA exhibition? Paul McCartney has been a significant source of inspiration in my life -- his three US tours have provided three of the most memorable evenings I've experienced -- and I look forward to each new musical/artistic offering by this incredible man. Keep on rockin'!

Karen Reuter , USA, Oct 5, 1999

WOW! While your music has always seemed to express the happy side of your personality, I sense the deeper and more powerful emotions being expressed through your paintings (sort of like Magritte, eh?). Please don't ever stop creating, be it music or painting, you have a wonderful gift to share with the world.

Jorge Caraballo Pedraza , Puerto Rico, october , 5 , 1999.

He conocido tu musica desde los 12 anos de edad y desde entonces tu arte musical y tu persona han sido inspiracion para mi.Hoy 44 anos y continuo admirando tu ejecucion artistica y humana es maravilloso el que continues produciendo obras para el mundo presente y futuro el planeta necesita mas hombres como tu para hacer la vida mas bella para todos,gracias por compartir tus emociones, percepciones y expreciones, la humanidad te lo sigue agradeciendo y Jorge Caraballo Pedraza.

Ted Hoffman , US, 10/7

Good to see that art knows no medium-defined boundaries, in that a true artist will seek to create outside of given constraints, be those constraints musical genre, or bridging the line between visual and aural media...

John Thomson , Canada, 10-07-1999

Wonderful,Brilliant...The Greatest. What more can I say.

mary , usa, 1015 1999

I just want to say thank you for the God given gift you chose to share with all that want to listen and see. My hope is that you wil continue to live, love, laugh and enjoy life. I must say that I haven't veiwed your work of art until today. I find it as eciting and greate as the music you play from your heart. I too share the love for music and art not only man made but God made too. Be you and God bless. This is a great web page. Sincerely a friend, Mary

Joe Leitner , Austria, 17.10.99

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lambert ramirez , philippines, october 24 1999

i read the book about paul entitled "Many Years From Now" and this provided a picture of paul's innate artistic capabilities. this gallery of paintings only demonstrates the claim made by barry miles that paul is a real versatile artist beyond the bounds of the music industry.

Ditmar Deger , Deutschland, 24.10.1999

Da das Interesse leider zu diesem Zeitpunkt schon etwas nachgelassen hat und ich die unterschiedlichen Meinungen über PAUL`s Kunst gelesen habe, muss ich doch mal was loslassen: Musik und Malerei...was liegt enger beieinander? Harmonie und Provokation.. Paul, du warst und bist der Grösste!!! Tausend Grüsse.

hugo de maeyer , belgium, 17/11/1999

Paul,you are an constant inspiration and you give me so much pleasure.

genevieve , america, 4 dec

i'd just like to say that paul mccartney is the greatest person that i know of. not only is he gorgeous, but he is a talented writer, singer, musician and artist. wow. he may be old enough to be my dad's dad, but i think he's more of a "catch" than any of those damn backstreet boys or whoever else is all the rage. wow. paul mccartney. my friend says david bowie would be her ideal boyfriend. and he's great and all. i mean. ziggy stardust. and did you ever see that movie... damn whats it called, the maze one. the kids movie. well whatever. and he has that great accent. but paul mccartney. wow. i wouldnt scream if i met him. nope. thats dumb. but i'd be so happy. wow. if he ever read this. wow. paul mccartney. if he ever read this i wish he'd have some urge to call me or something but i know he wouldnt. wow. paul mccartney. wow.

Sheri Lee Ziner , USA, 12-11-99

Hi Paul, Like you, I write poetry, paint on canvas, am a vegetarian and environmentalist and one week before you lost Linda, I lost my father--to cancer that had spread to his liver. Oh yes, and I'm a lefty. We have way to much in common. Your paintings (from my limited view on this screen)reflect emotions and realities that all of us can relate to on some level, whether it be fantasy, irony or....something you're not telling us! It is with great disappointment that I am not able to view these paintings in person. Maybe someday at the MET in NYC. Let's hope so. Carry on and be well. With Fond Regards, Sheri Lee Ziner

Cristina Benitez , Argentina, 13-12-99

Paul, i dont Know if you are going to read this, but just oonly one word: THANKS!!!! for all you gave to us. I give you a phrase: the motor of our life is desire and life.Love you always.Cris

Marco Oelfke , germany, 15.12.99

Paul, you´re still the greatest and I hope I´ll see you on stage again.

Debi J. Smith , U.S.A., 12-15-99

Sir Paul, You have filled my life with joy and happiness. When I was 10 yrs. old I asked Santa for a Beatle Album. That is all I wanted. Over the years whenever I fell down or sad, I simply put on a Beatle CD of one of you fabulous CD's. I wish I could see your art in person, but because I am not able I just use the internet to keep up with you. Thank you Sir Paul for all the wonderful music you and the other lads have given the world. May God bless you and your children, and carry that weight! With Love, Debi Dallas, Tx.

Cristina Benitez , Argentina, 18-12-99

Paul, for you and your family, Merry Christmas and God bless you. Thamks again for all you give to us.Cris.

Cristina , Argentina, 12-31-99

This is the last mail of the milleniun, the best for you and your family, send my love to George too, that now is suffering, tell him that he will be again playing music for all of us. We love you all since 1964. The Beatles are alive for ever.Cris.

Glenn Hinton , usa, 1/5/00

Hey Paul, What can I say? More raves to you from me! I admire you so much. Best of health to you & your family. Your Run Devil Run project is so unique & strong. Gotta love your attitude. All my best, Glenn H.

Celia Burnett , United States, 1/06/200

Wow, he can paint, too. I am amazed and feel priveledged to be living at the same time a legend is living. You usually read about legends, but to actually witness their contributions to the world, well it's awesome.

Ksenia , Russia, 15 Jan 2000

Our Paul is great whatever he does. It's my mind.

Jennifer , USA, January18,2000

I am a devoted fan as far as Paul McCartney's music goes when I first saw his paintings I was shocked. The paintings were georgeous and Paul truely showed his depth and talent for painting. I could not pick a favorite but if I did it would probably be the blck one or the one of the beach. I really enjoyed the page alot. I thought it could have used some english translations for the reviews written in other languages though.

Tina Meier [KUNSTFORUM-HAMBURG] , DE, 23-1-00

Bitte besuchen Sie uns
Besuche euch immer wieder gerne...
Grüße Tina

Paula Reinhard , germany, 26.01.2000

As a little gift from me to you
Bewegung I

Lara , Belgium, 14/02/2000

Susanne Berger , Germany, Feb. 16th, 2000

Well, I saw Sir Paul McCartney´s paintings "live" in Siegen and I must say that Paul is not only the best musician ever, but also one of the greatest painters in the world. His pictures are full of emotions and incredible beauty and they really show how much joy it was for Paul to paint them. So go on painting, Paul! I love you!

Bonnie O'Donnell , USA, 02/16/00

I have loved Paul McCartney since I was 13, too many years ago. I admire him greatly as a musician and a seemingly kind and caring man. So many times I have orchestrated our "chat". I saw a magazine picture with Paul standing next to one of his paintings. I must admit I was shocked that he was the artist. Paul, enjoy painting. You show lots of emotion which speaks in to the masses. Many people consider this enough of an art in itself. My wish for you is to have fun with your art, but not take painting too seriously. Your paintings are not as uplifting and fun as your music.

heather coffey , United States, 2-18-00

Hey, I am the greatest Beatles fan to have ever lived! I had no idea that Paul McCartney was an artist. I too am an artist, and I absolutly love his work!!!! :-)Heather

PATRICK , , 23'02'2000

Merci de tout coeur de la Suisse, PATRICK

Nils Hofmann , Deutschland, 03.03.00

Sir Paul hat mit seiner Ausstellung im vergangenen Sommer in Siegen wieder einmal mehr unter Beweis gestellt, daß er ein Naturtalent ist und neben dem Musizieren auch das Malen sehr gut beherrscht. Nette Website! Gruß, ein Beatles-Fan

Daniel Schneider , Hastedt, 9.03.00

Hallo Wolle, wie is? grüße von den "ungezogenen schöölern"

Sabine Seibel , Germany, April 7th, 2000

Bad taste Paul!!! No compare to Linda!!!

Christopher C. , US, April 16

I admire Paul for his music very much, but not his paintings. I do hope to see more of his paintings online in the future to see his progress.

Svenja Taphorn , Germany, 27.4.2000

Hi, Paul! I just want to say thank you for all the joy your songs give to me! You really are the greatest!!!Your music has given me joy and hope in so many difficult situations in my life!Should you ever read these lines,would you write to me??? I know that actually there's no chance for that, but maybe you'll do it anyway!At least I can dream of getting in contact to you...Once again: Thank you so much for everything!!! All the best for you! Go on making music and be happy! Have a good time!!!

Vik Puri , USA, 04/30/00

If it had not been for that incredibly sweet woman - L - I probably would have missed experiencing another dimension of Sir Paul's being and creativity. His music "Let it be" or "Band on the run" or "Bluebird" have defined or expressed some of my emotions but I did not expect to be so moved by his painted art. I was drawn to "Beach Towels", mesmerized by "Andy In The Garden" and think found a favorite in "John's Room" Were I able I would invest (my) soul and funds in building a tribute gallery to Sir Paul's music and art, and till the funds become a reality the tribute is in feelings of gratitude and appreciation. And dear L thank you for pointing me in the direction of Paul. It made me happy.

silke könicke , germany, 02.05.00

Dear Mr. McCartney, so many years I've listened to your music. It made me laugh and it made me cry and sometimes both at the same time. The same it is with your painitings. Thank you, that you share your talents with the world. But, for me, the most important thing and the real reason, that made me a fan, is that you care so much for animal rights and promote the vegetarian way of life. I'm vegetarian/vegan myself and to see, that many prominent people like you fight in a peaceful way for animal rights (very special thanks to Linda McCartney), gives me hope. Love, Silke

Janice Edwards , US, May 18, 2000

Very nice site.

Raphaël VANDENBERGHE , Belgium, 31.05.2000
Congratulations Paul, you will always fascinate us and thanks for all you have done to make our life worth living ! Raph http://www.geocities.com/rafvdberghe/index.html

Chris Cheney , United States of America, June 03 2000

Paul does it again.