Einträge / entries 10.5.99 - 4.6.99

Dwight Kazee , USA, 5.10.99

Congratulations on your show. You have always shared your soul with us and we are all the richer for it. Thanks for sharing some more.

Fabian aus Fulda , Germany, 11.05.1999

Hi, Ich grüße Siegen und natürlich PAUL! Tschüss
PS: Besucht mal http://home.t-online.de/home/dedeleit/pizza.htm (da gibt es zwar nichts über Paul & Co., aber es lohnt sich auf jedem Fall!

Claudia Octopussy , Germany, 11.05.1999

OK, he is a drug and I`m addicted to him for 22 years now. But what if he becomes a painting artist also now? I`m no artist but I can tell good music from bad and good paintings from bad (that`s why I love him so much), but what is it worth. I`ll never get the chance to talk to him, because we have no topic, though I have to tell him so much (he simply doesn`t know!!!!) But ... it`s getting better all the time and with his talent he perhaps passes some day his tax-advisors exame and be sure then I have a reason to be invited too. Paul: I`m waiting for you on the fence in PM(Rye)and some day.....!!! Take care of you!!!! Grüße an alle Macca-Fans und Danke an die Kulturfreaks in Siegen, die das möglich gemacht haben. C.

Ute Riemann , Germany, 12.05.99

Hi out there in Siegen, hi Paul it was great to see, how impressive the paintings are in real. I was surprised to hear that you are into painting for such a long unnoticed time. But now I think, Germany is honoured that you present the pictures to an audience for the first time here close to my hometown. Thanks once again to all the people who are involved in the event and who did such an excellent job

MMMs of New England , U.S.A., May 12, 1999

Sir Paul... Though we could not be in Germany today, we enjoyed seeing Linda's photos in Connecticut!!! And through the wonders of this computer age, the MMMs saw your Works of Art in Germany!!! Can't wait till they come to the USA ... hopefully, in New York City!!! Looking forward to MORE MACCA MAGIC!! Peace & Love, Patty MMM, Donna MMM & Debbie MMM

Ricardo S. Gil S. , Spain, 13-May-99

Dear Paul, Congratualtions once again. Whatever its medium may be, don't stop creating art and shaping the world's emotions. Peace.

Neil Clark , Australia, 14/5/99

What's this... a Paul Mac exhibition ....GEAR!

Tina , Germany, 14.05.99

Gestern habe ich mir die Paintings in Siegen angesehen, und mit haben sie sehr gut gefallen!! Würde sogar nochmal hin- gehen, wenn ich Zeit dazu hätte. Sie waren einfach wunder- bar!! W WISH YOU WELL!!

V.Bernau , Deutschland, 15.5.99

Hallo,Sir Paul Mc Cartney, Congratulations on your courage and your love for life. I saw you and I couldn`t find the right words to you, I was so emotional touched,all my words were gone. Es war für mich ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis, Sie persönlich kennengelernt zu haben.Ihre Werke sind großartig, ganz besonders gut hat mir das Bild "Unspoken words" gefallen.Ich wünsche Ihnen Sir Paul Mc Cartney viel Erfolg für Ihre Bilder.

Emma Kane , UK, 15/5/99

Hey Paul, Keep up the good work. All the very bestman. emma.

James Bryer , U.S.A., 5/16/99
Sealhater @aol.com

Hello Paul I was so glad to find your paintings on the internet. Had been curious about them after reading about your show in some magazine or another. You sould be proud they look like the real thing to me. Saw you in Detroit several years ago and enjoyed the concert alot. Love from us in Kalamazoo.

Joan Hopkins , USA, May 17, 1999

Three cheers for this marvelous exhibit! The first cheer goes to Sir Paul for sharing these magnificent painting with us. Bravo Sir Paul! The second cheer goes to Mr. Wolfgang Suttner for his brillant initiative in exhibiting these outstanding works in Siegen. The third cheer goes to Mr. Harald Gernhardt who so wonderfully captured all the excitement of the opening of the exhibit, then generously shared it with us in sound and pictures on this website (http://gernhardt.com/macca/9904). Three cheers for you, gentlemen, and many thanks!

Mike Baker , usa, may 18, 1999

looks like you are enjoying your new medium. Keep painting, I will always look forward to your new works! Sometime, when you have a chance, come to Lubbock, Texas--Home of Buddy Holly. We would enjoy your music and especially your presence immensly!

Barbara Vaughan , USA, 5/20/99

As usual, brilliant, classy, unique, simply the best. My dream is to meet this amazing man I've loved all these 35 years.

Seebe Janssens , Nederland, 20-05-99

I was at the exhibition at May 11. It was great. I was very impressed. Thanks for the organisation.

Rüdiger Holdmann , Deutschland, 21.05.1999

Die Bilder (zumindest die ich sehen konnte) gefallen mir sehr gut. Ich bin überrascht von der unerwarteten Kreativität des eigentlichen Musikers Paul McCartney. Ich werde mich bemühen, die Bilder im Original sehen zu können.

Karen Embry , USA, 05-22-99

Of the paintings exhibited here, I enjoyed John's Room most of all. The rich colors, the reds and maroons, drew me in. Pictures that cause one to think and imagine are the ones I personally find most intriguing. As I studied your work, I caught myself wondering about the people you had placed there. In my eyes, this is just what art is meant to do...instill wonder. I am no art expert by any means, but I do enjoy contributions made to the art world by fellow human beings. I wish you success with your exhibit, and thank you for sharing your work.

Derek Dawson , Scotland, 23/05/99

Working in Darmstadt. Saw a poster today and couldn't believe it... I know where I'll be on Tuesday!

Katrina poulsen , Denmark, 24/05-99

I´ve seen alot of pages about Paul..But thise pages are x-tra good. there somhing for evrybody.

Chriss , Siegen, 24.05.99

Dear Paul, I have seen your exhibition and I´m verry pleasant surprised about the feeling and magic your paintings express to me. So hold on painting, it´s a wonderful thing! If you like, visit also http://www.net-musik.de, a forum about some Siegener performers.

Franz , usa, 24.05.99


jack baker , u.s.a., 5-26-99

please put me on mailing list.

Georgi , Argentina, 30/05/99


Gerry , USA, 30/5/99

A few years ago, you did a concert in Atlanta. There were several paintings featured in the programme and I assumed they were your paintings, but the style is so different from those featured in your show. Could they both be your work?

Paul Boulé , Québec, Canada, 1 juin 99

Really nice gallery. You can see my work at: http://www.angelfire.com/pa/paulboule

PJ , USA, 6-2-99


Michelle Baillet , USA, Redmond, 2nd of June

Well, this is so kul. Actually, I did not even know that Paul is also a painter.

Gerhard Höcker , Germany, June 3rd 1999

Hallo liebes Lyz-Team !! Ich finde es - als im Siegerland geborener und aufgewachsener - echt extrem stark, dass Ihr es geschafft habt, Paul McCartney zur Erstausstellung nach Siegen zu holen - bis Juli 99 wirklich eine Region voll Leben... ;-))). Als 'alter' Beatles-Fan ist es für mich natürlich noch umso interessanter. Leider habe ich es bisher noch nicht in die Ausstellung geschaft - werde das aber auf jeden Fall nachholen. Bin gespannt.... Weiterhin alles Gute + viel Erfolg !! Gerhard Höcker

Lynnda M. Nadien , usa, June 4, 1999

Dear Paul, The paintings are amazing and it is very exciting to see this aspect of your talent. Thank you for having the guts to share them. It would be great to have a New York City exhibition, or perhaps a Long Island-Hamptonesque-DeKoonig type of display? Think about it!! We love you and wish you all the best....I am really loving "wide prairie" it is awesome. The vinyl is especially great sounding. I wish I could tell Linda how great it is...Love to you......Lynnda

Donna Cowing , USA, 6/4/99

Dear Paul.....I love your paintings. I appreciate your comments about what drives you to painting. It is a wonderful means of venturing into the world of creativity and expression. Thanks, Paul, for sharing this talent with us. And thanks to Linda, too, for all that the two of you have contributed to our lives for all these years. She will be missed! You are a true inspiration! Love and Best Wishes to you. Donna