Einträge / entries 25.4.99 - 2.5.99

Ali Klein , New York, USA, April 27, 1999

You always amaze me. Although I'm viewing your paintings from a website, I'm blown away by your use of color, and I sense a great joy that you feel in your work. I wish I could be in Germany for the opening, but business conflicts prevent it. Please consider a showing in New York. Congratulations and best wishes to you and yours, always. Alice

, , 27/4/99

Paul McCartney was here in Siegen today. From 3PM until 7PM (German Time) He took a look at his pictures and he was quite happy with the exibition! 50 Fans were outside the house "Lyz". PMC spoke some words with his fans. Paul will return on friday.

aktiv Musikmagazin, Ralf Schröder , Deutschland, 28,04,99

Mc C-Art-ney in Siegen! Hervorragend! Einen Award für hervorragende Leistung an alle Macher aus dem Kultur!Büro, die uns diesen Event nach Siegen geholt haben. Herzlichen Dank, dafür, daß Siegen gute Headlines macht. Ralf Schröder, Siegen

K. Michaelson , USA, 4-28-99

Hey Paul! Create music, not paintings!

Linda L. Lyons , U.S.A., 4/28/99

My wish would be for Paul to come to Minneapolis Minnesota U.S.A. with his exhibit. Last I saw Paul was with Wings years ago with my teenage daughter. I believe he had just turned 50. She thought it was the best concert she had ever been to. I respect and admire Paul for continuing his dreams. I am sure Linda is right beside him. I am sure I will never meet Sir Paul, but that would be my wish in life. Paul, you will alway be a part of my life.

bettina , germany, 28.04.99

Hallo Paul! Ich werde mir auf jeden Fall Deine Bilder ansehen, um selbst zu prüfen, ob Du besser malst oder musizierst. Letzteres ,finde ich,machst Du genial. Wann gibt es wieder Paul on tour? Viel Erfolg für die Ausstellung wünscht Dir Bettina

Jimmie Albright , United States, 04/28/99

Dear Paul, I had no Idea that you were a painter. I'm inpressed. I wish you all the success there is. I'm glad that I found out about your paintings. I live South of St. Louis MO. I Hope one day that your paintings will come to St. Louis so I can see them first hand. Thanks Paul. Love Jimmie Albright

Jerry Kelly , USA, 27 April 1999

Paul: Best of luck with this exhibition! Your work looks very fine indeed (even on a computer monitor)--and I trust you'll not lose much sleep over possible critics' comments to the contrary. ("Those who can't do, criticize.") Cheers to you for putting your reputation on the line in a new way-- Best always to you & yours, JK

karie , holland, 28-04=99

Thanks for showing paul's bud. Nice to see him from anotheer side and I don't just mean his backside

Kerrie Lynne Gonnella , USA, 4/28/99

Dear Sir James Paul McCartney, Thank you for all of your wonderful talent! Everything you do, you do for US! It shows in your art, songs, music, your Love for Lady Linda and your Love for furry friends! You have always been loyal to your fans, and I thank you. I Love my furry friends so much, and thanks to Lady Linda, I'm trying to go veggie, but it's not easy. God Bless You, Sir Paul, and thanks for being so generous with ALL of your talents! Kerrie L. Gonnella Virginia, USA

Marcus (Bürstenkönig) Teuber , Deutschland, 29.04.1999

Ich wünsche euch alles Gute, viel Erfolg und weiterhin so positive Reaktionen, auch während der Ausstellung... Marcts Teuber (z.Z. Göttingen)

Sandra , Germany, 29.04.1999

To all Paul-Fans, can anybody help me: who knows when he will come to Siegen again? I heard that George will come as well...:-) Thank you Sandra

AnneMarie , USA, 04/29/99

For 35 years you've delighted us with your gift of music, and now you offer your paintings to please us as well. Your talents are extraordinary...thank you for sharing them with us.

nancy , UAS, 4/29/99

paul, quite an expression.. the color combo is very nice... i love getting it out of your sistem... i liked adam in the garden best..id like to see it close up...and id love to know the story of each and every peice.. thankyou for letting us look .. good luck, nancy

Sherri , USA, 4/28/99

Swampadelic, psychotronic, van Gogh gothic! Definitely your element for expressing yourself. Suits you and us quite nicely. I'm impressed. All the best, Sherri

Christian Rengstorf , Deutschland, 29.04.1999

Ich freue mich, morgen bei der Ankunft von George, Paul und Ringo in Siegen dabeisein zu können. Allen Verantwortlichen herzlichen Dank, daß Sie diese tolle Ausstellung nach Siegen holen konnten. Viel Erfolg!

Daniel , France, 29/04/99

Thank you Paul for all you give. Thank you for all you let us hear and see. May God give you the strength to go on with your art.

Michaela C. Spulack , Germany, 29-04-99

Niemals hätte ich gedacht, daß mir sowas passieren würde!!! Paul Mac kommt nach Siegen und ich KANN NICHT HIN!!!!! Ich sitze hier zuhause und fühle mich, als würde ich sterben!!! Niemals hätte ich gedacht, daß MIR sowas passieren kann - immer bin ich einer der größten Beatles/Macca Fans gewesen, bin - egal wie - quer durch Deutschland gereist, um Paul (oder Ringo) zu sehen, wo auch immer sie gerade "aufgeschlagen" sind - und nun DAS!!! .....Ringo hat mir bei seinem Konzert in Bonn letzten Herbst sein Handtuch "vermacht", ich werde es nutzen, meine Tränen zu trocknen - vielleicht haben die Reste "Beatle-Schweiß" darin eine heilende Wirkung auf kranke Fan-Herzen, wer weiß...?! Hey, sicherlich sind all die Folks aus Pauls "1. Reihe" wieder vor Ort?! Seid alle gegrüßt (Mara, Elli, Jo...?! - wenn es Euch noch gibt, bitte meldet Euch!!!) und habt viel Spaß (und Erfolg). Grüßt Paul, ich werde in Gedanken doch dabei sein!!! MESSAGE TO PAUL - just in case...: Hi Paul, I am sooo proud of you!!! Take good care and dont give up your music!! How about touring again, remember, we all love you!!! Hope to see you again sometime... its already been such a long time since your Frankfurt Show... Take good care of yourself...Bye, Michaela

Dirk Brink , Tampa, FL, april 28, 1999

Great, Paul! I really enjoyed the paintings in the gallery. You really have a good sense of color. Another creative side of you that I have read about but never seen. It doesn't surprise me that you picked Germany to exhibit. What a pitty that I moved back to the States from Duesseldorf before this. Knowing that this test will be a huge success I hope you will exhibit on this side of the pond. My suggesstion would be St. Pete, home of the Dali museum or my home town, Chicago. Thanks for sharing these works with us.

Julia , United States, 4-29-99

Thank you for all your talents. I have grown up listening and enjoying your music and now I can enjoy your art as well. You have always been a source of inspiration to me and you are always in my prayers. Love, Julia

Werner Schmidt , Deutschland, 30.04.99

Dear Paul, I wish you all the best for your start in Siegen today. I hope that the poeple will see that you made your art work with your heart which love the world and with fun. You express the things which go around in the world, realy strange things, and all what we can do is laugh! Understanding impossible! And still the world goes round and round. Paul thank you for your great work and therefor that you let us have a look on it! Thank you and good luck for today and for yur future. I realy which I could say some words personel to you. Have a good time and all the best yours Werner Schmidt

, Deutschland, 30.4

Viel Glück für die Ausstellung! Ich finde es klasse das in Siegen auch so was Tolles Passiert: Macht weiter so tolle Projekte.Ferndorf

Daryl L , USA, 4/29/99

Keep pushing the limits, Paul. The book is still being written. The ink has not yet dried. Again, keep pushing!!

Anita M. Presley , U.S.A., 4/30/99

Thanks for the visit!

Elena , Germany, 30/4/99

I couldn't belive when I heard that Paul McCartney is in Germany. I was sitting in the TV-room and I only screamed when I see him because I was so surprised. I'm a Beatles-fan since four years (I'm 13 now). His pictures are really very interesting and nice. Congratulaition, Paul!! P.S. Is it right that George and Ringo are in Germany, too?

Jess Hansen , Seattle, Washington - U.S.A., 30.4.99

Hola ! Some cool stuff here - your use of color (as well as words/melodies) is a treat for the eyes/heart/soul. Keep it up - "it might be worth something someday"^) Ta-rah ! Love, hugs, and kisses, Jess, Gayle, and "the wee daisys."

Thomas Rohleder , Deutschland, 30.04.1999

Hallo Paul McCartney, ich freue mich und bin als Siegener auch ein bißchen stolz, daß "wir"...natürlich "unsere Leute" vom Kulturbüro... es geschafft haben, Dich auf Siegen neugierig zu machen und Deine Bilder in eine hoffentlich tolle Ausstellung nach Siegen zu bekommen. Das Du ein musikalisches Genie bist, hast Du hinlänglich bewiesen. Ich bin sehr gespannt und freue mich schon riesig darauf, Deine Bilder mit meinen eigenen Augen sehen zu können. Ich hoffe für uns alle, daß Du noch lange Freude daran hast Deine Inspirationen ausuzuleben! Ich möchte Dir alles Gute und viel Erfolg wünschen!! Thomas Rohleder

Kari Eikaa Kristiansen , Norway, 1st of May 99

Hello Paul ! Congratulations with your new "hobby". I have always appreciated your music, and your paintings are good as well. You must be a gifted soul. Have you ever tried watercolours? I do aquarellpainting myself and that is very exciting too. Good luck with the exhibition !!

Márcia Carneiro , Brasil, 01-may-99

Hi Paul! Thank you for all you give us. God bless you. I will love you forever.

Vanessa Evans , Melbourne, Australia, 1 May 1999

Dear Paul, here's another thing in which you do brilliantly. I myself am not a huge artlover, but I do like your paintings (as well as everything else you have done). Congratulations on a job well done. I hope you and your paintings will travel to Melbourne, Australia, to show them off. All the best, and keep it all coming. Vanessa Evans.

Jörg Muhrhauser , Deutschland , 1.5.99

Was für eine Sensation das Paul McCartney nach Siegen kommt. Hätte nie daran gedacht, daß so etwas jemals stattfindet. Die Bilder sehen sehr interessant aus - man muß sie, um sie richtig beurteilen zu können, unbedingt im Orginal sehen. Besonders lustig finde ich Paul's Kommentar, daß die Bilder nur so aussehen, als könnte auch ein Schimpanse sie malen.


Dear Paul; I've just seen some of your paintings in the newspaper and I liked them very much,espscially'Mr Magritte's Ruler' and 'Shark On Georgica'.I really love 'blues' and 'yellows I'm 47 and I too have suffered from a mental block about 'Art' and being an 'Artist'.But I've decided I am one and that's that.I also express myself in the form of 'Abstact Impressionism'.I get a big buzz from splashing those bold colours around. Anyway,good luck with the exhibition and my kindest regards to you and your family........CLIVE.........

Eleanor Palmisano , USA, 5/1/99

Congratulations on your courage and your love for life. And thank you for sharing this part of yourself with others. "Bowie" is probably the best of the group (which sadly I may only view via Internet), but something inside tells me "Unspoken Words" is closer to your soul. Your excitement over the fulfillment of a dream, and your enthusiasm for this rebirth of yourself, is palpable. You inspire others to continue life's journey. I only saw you once, when we were both very young, but I still count it a great joy. May your future be filled with blessings.

Markus Schneider , Germany, 01:05:1999

Super, daß es Siegen endlich schafft in seinen selbstgewählten Titel "Provinz voll Leben", den Schwerpunkt von "Provinz" auf "voll Leben" zu versetzen. Ein Superakt, den das Kulturbüro nach Siegen geholt hat. Ein guter Grund als Ex-Siegener mal wieder wegen des Kulturangebotes nach Hause zu fahren. Weiter so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beate Büscher , Deutschland, 01.05.1999

Hey, Mister McCartney, es war mir eine Ehre, Sie persönlich kennengelernt zu haben. Ihre Werke sind fantastisch und sehr beeindruckend! Ich wünsche Ihnen weiterhin diese Kreativität und hoffe, irgendwann, irgendwo noch mehr von Ihnen sehen zu können. Weiterhin viel Erfolg und alles Gute.

Vandenberghe Raphaël , Brussels - Belgium, 1.5.1999

I just came back home from Siegen.-I went there for 2 days 1° to see Paul and 2° to see the paintings.-All I can say is : GO THERE and CONGRATULATIONS to the organizers : they have done a real good job .-The welcome Paul got on friday was fantastic : all Siegen was there, the grandma's, the housewifes with their children,and of course the hardcore fans from everywhere : Italy, USA, Switerland ( hi Irena...)Poland, Holland, and Belgium, and surely others too.-Paul must have been very honored by the reception he got.-He looked great and happy : smiling and waving at us but probably very busy as he didn't take too much time for us waiting and burning in the sun for hours ! Never mind it were 2 fine days !Everywhere in the streets there were flags and publicity, it was frontpage news in the papers.-At the"LYZ FORUM", the exhibition was very well done, very good location.-It gave a good impression, I liked of course the paintings, bought all I could buy : the catalogue is very well done, and I am now the proud owner of a semi litho (only 100 made) with a signature of the painter himsel !The security was correct, especially the people in the gallery .-I really enjoyed it and I will say more : I'll come back !THANKS everybody in Siegen !Raphaël Vandenberghe

Rodolfo C. Villarreal , United States, May 1, 1999

I found your work quite intriguing. Your paintings have a certain flow to them that is similar to your music. It was very interesting for me to find out that one of my favorite recording artists was having a one man show of his paintings almost simultaneous to mine. My show, which is also my first, opened in Houston, on April 30th. I wish you much success in your latest artistic endeavor.

Claudio Thome de Souza , Brazil, May, 2, 1999

Paul. What a pity I can't see your paintings. I'm your (and Beatles) fan since 1964, when I was 12 years old. I saw your two shows in Rio (1990) and in Sao Paulo and Curitiba (1993). I'm waiting for your next trip to Brazil. If it's possible, send me a photograph with your autograph. Thank you, very much! My address: Rua Paulo Orozimbo, 1100 - Apto. 83 01535-001 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil

Jonas Gonçalves da Silva , Brazil, 02.05.1999

Well, this is my signature for this guestbook. I want to congratulate, one more time, the idol of my life, Paul McCartney, who always uses his creativity, his intelligence and his brightness to impressionate everyone. His paintings are magnific, not because he's a celebrity: no. It happens because he's a complete artist, in all aspects. He proves that in his life, always! Thank you, Paul! One more time you enchanted me! And I want to congratulate the organisation of this website and all the exposition in general. All the best, Siegen! Thank you for receive well the Paul McCartney's paintings.

Photo Office Frank Seltier , Germany, 02.05.1999

An den Künstler Paul Mc Cartney und den Organisatoren der Ausstellung. Als Foto-Journalist war ich bei der Weltpremiere anwesend und möchte mich für die guten Arbeitsbedingungen bedanken und wünsche viel Erfolg mit der Ausstellung der tollen Bilder von Sir Paul Mc Cartney.

Marilyn Penix , U.S.A., 5/2/99

Dear Paul Love the paintings, I would like to see them up close here in Chicago IL.one of your favorite cities,I sure hope they come here for an exibit and you come with them. Marilyn Penix

Diane M. Blair , Arlington, Virginia, USA, 2 May 1999

Paul, I like your shore paintings. Even though I cannot see them in person, at least there is the web. Have you considered putting them into a book format? Or perhaps having prints made for sale? You are very gifted in the arts. Thanks for sharing your talents with the world and making it a brighter place.

Ch. Karnein , Deutschland, 2. Mai 1999

Ich habe gerade einen Bericht im Kulturreport (ARD) gesehen und freue mich jetzt auf meinen Besuch der Ausstellung!

Christine Pagel , Germany, 02.05.99

Dear Sir Paul! My brain full of deep impressions I'm home again. In Siegen when I saw you and gave you the roses at the opening of the exhibition I couldn't find the right words to you.I was so emotional touched-all my words were gone!Your paintings are showing a great enthusiasm and a sense of humour. They gave me the inspiration to try paint too. I wish you a succesful exhibition and all the best for you and your family! Paul, you are the greatest artist on earth and please come back to sing-we need you!Christine Pagel and Linda