Einträge / entries 13.4.99 - 24.4.99

meike burmeister , Deutschland, 13.4.99

alles gute und viel erfolg für die ausstellung! freue mich riesig und werde dabei sein! aber was findet am 15.5 in der siegerland-halle statt?

Maria Michelle Bailey , USA, April 13,1999

I found this collection very interesting. I felt a freedom expressed on the canvas,the colors creating movement rather than the subjects. The choices of color and letting the painting create itself perhaps through the subconsious reflects such emotion and inner beauty...I think beautiful art is created through the soul in respect to canvas and music....In the words of my 17 year old son "well duh,look who we are talking about here mom." My favorite would be Andy In The Garden. I sincerely hope that his future works will reflect inner peace and true Joy of life...no person deserves joy more than he. sincerely, Michelle

Lester Fishkin , USA, 12/4/99

I am looking forward to seeing Paul's wrok in May. I am fortunate to have scheduled a trip to Frankfurt and was pleasantly surprised to learn about the show. Can't wait. It would be a perfect visit if Sir Paul were to be there to talk about his art work and meet the many friends and fans he has world wide.

Meg Huntsman , Inianapolis, In USA, 13.4.99

WOW! Is there anything he can't do? I am always pleased and amazed by anything new by Paul. It's always refreshing and new. I can only hope to be as good of a person. Thank you, Paul, for evrything you do that's always so wonderful. :-) ~~Love in Pieces~~ Beatlefreak13

Bernward Koch , Germany, April 16, 1999

I´m very much looking forward to the paintings of an real and serious artist. Thank you, Paul and Wolfgang!

Matt Adams , U.S.A., 16/3/99

Luckily I've already planned a trip to Germany in early June so it will be a priority to see your paintings in person. I like what I have seen so far. My favourites of the ones posted are "andy in the garden" & "big mountain face". I suppose that could change once I get a look at them in person. Neat stuff, inspires me to give it a go!

Ken Case , USA, 4-16-99

Dear Paul, Thank you for bringing so much beauty into this world of ours. Your music has touched the hearts and souls of so many of us....Not a day goes by that one of your songs doesn't put a smile on my face...:) You and the other Beatles are what inspired me to pick up a guitar and play, for that alone, I owe you so much. Now with the passing of the "Lovely Linda" from us...the planet is a little bit more gray and sad without her,,,you have my deepest sympathy. I had always prayed that I would find a love like the both of you shared...it was enough to put some hope in this cynics heart. Your paintings are very nice...bold color and images...much like your songs, only on a canvas. I will be getting a catalog and purchasing some posters. Keep up the good work and may God be with you....Forever a fan, Ken. (If you ever drop by Missouri...stop by, we'll have a beer and play!!!)

LisaO , USA, April 18, 1999

Dear Paul: What a great way for you to begin your "new era." My husband and I wish you every success in this and future exhibitions. I think I like "Beach Towels" the best. As a graphic designer, I wish I could _really_ paint...I'm more into pen and ink, pencil, etc. Guess I gotta just splash the color onto the canvas and get going! (Filling that first bit of white space is often the most difficult step!) All the best to you and your lovely family, especially your new grandson, and peace to Linda. Love, (Ex-)Fun Clubber #630A!!

Wish Nang Yoi , Japan, 19.04.1999

I lika Paul very much and his work! I would like to come to this nice little town of Siegen. I was once there makeing a study about the local sightseeing highlight called the "Kranchen". It's very, very nice in Siegen and the people are good. I hope they make a good exhibition there. I'm very, very good foward looking to this exhibition. with regards Wish Nang Yoi

Sergey Tatevosyan , Russia, 20 april 1999

It's getting better all the time. What else could I say ? You are a strange talent. You are composer, painter etc., etc., etc. I compose music like you and I wish you to know : your music is not "simply songs". It is MUSIC. When other needs to talk about what he feels in hours (0.5, 1 , 2 etc.) you can do it in 3-5 minutes. It's very necessary. I am very proud of our time because of people like you. Thank you for your music&painting. Serg.

CarolC , USA, 4/20/99

I'm looking forward very much to seeing the rest of the exhibit in May. Looking at the paintings in the brochure, I can find several of the characteristics of McCartney's music in the paintings as well--a great freshness and innocence about the conception of what's being done--there is no sense that a prepared message is being broadcast, but rather, each painting seems to mean something to the artist personally; a steady gaze at what's complex or frightening; unfailing humor; and constant empathy for human beings--no one is really ugly here, althought there are some strange looking people. It is rare these days to find a mind of this degree of sophistication which is not tempted by the merely cynical or the ugly.

R. Pruitt , USA, 4.21.99

Art is such a personal expression. Thank you for sharing. Hope you will consider other venues for your show - perhaps the States?

Ingeborg Grunow-Bendiks , Deutschland, 21.4.99

Hoping to find a way to visit your exhibition I wish you very much luck for it. On Wolfgang's homepage I already could take a look at some of your paintings and I liked them very much. I ordered a catalogue and some posters in case I cannot come and see your paintings in original. So, thank you for everything you do in your life and everything you alreday have done! Sincerely, Ingeborg Grunow-Bendiks

debbie , usa, 04.21.99

dear paul, i was so happy to find this web site. your paintings are very cool. i was thinking of you, because i know it's been a year since you lost linda and i was wondering how you were doing. i felt so sad for you and your family. i hope you are ok. my dad died on april 19 a long time ago but that's how i remembered you. i know it takes a long time until it feels any better, but i know god is watching out for you. you'll be together in heaven, (or heaven on earth) where there is no more pain. it's so scary out there, i wonder how much longer god will let it go on. i hope you do go on tour in the "us" again. i never got to see you before and i've been a fan forever. take care of yourself and keep spreading all that love because that's what it's all about and why so much love comes back to you. love debbie

Ingrid Delbrügger , Deutschland, 1999-04-21

Ich habe durch Zufall von dieser Ausstellung erfahren und finde es toll, dass es SIEGEN gelungen ist, die Bilder von Paul McCartney zeigen zu dürfen. Die Präsentation auf den Internet-Seiten íst hervorragend gelungen und machen umsomehr neugierig auf die Ausstellung. Ich freue mich auf den 1. Mai.

Jim Henseler , USA, 4/22/99

Dear Paul, Congratulations on the opening of your first "official" art exhibit!! The paintings look beautiful...I hope that you decide to put them on display in the states in the near future. In the video special, which you released in conjunction with Flaming Pie, you showed a painting that appeared to be a portrait of John Lennon. Will that picture be on display at this exhibit?? I was really impressed by the way you captured the essence of John in that painting. Tis' not an easy thing to do!! ;-) Well, that's it for now. Thanks for a lifetime of enjoyment, and all the best to you & your family!!!! Peace, Jim PS - Congratulations too on your recent election into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! As you said, now it's George's & Ringo's turn!

Werner Schmidt , Deutschland, 23.04.99

Dear Paul, I am very impressed, of you oersonal power. Now I saw some you your paintings - realy great - I am with you. I have heared about yout paintings ölast year for the first time. I could not imagine what is behind. Now I sow only some pictures of your paintings, but it increase the respect that I have already about you for so many years. I will become 43 yaers this year. I will come to siegen, and I would be more happy than it would be possible if I can see you with your paintings. At what date you will be in Siegen? Best wishes for you, good luck with my very best regards Werner Schmidt

Carol Ferrell , USA, 4/23/99

Dear Paul, Boy, you can really paint! I have to admit I'm surprised that your talent in this medium is so well developed. I love your use of colors, especially the yellow, and when I look at your faces, I see you! Check out the eyes -- I'm convinced these are self-portraits. I wish I were able to come to Germany to view these lovely creations. Hopefully one day you'll bring your gallery to the San Francisco area. I'll be the first in line! Thank you for all the pleasure you've brought me through the years; you've been the orgasm of my ears, and now of my eyes!

Rainer Moddemann , Germany, 4/23/99

Dear Paul, as an art teacher I am very much looking forward seeing your exhibition together with my artclass. Please keep up the good work! Best, Rainer of The Doors Quarterly Magazine Online at http://visitweb.com/doors4ly

Linda Santi , United States/U.S.A, April, 24 1999

I Have been a huge Paul McCartney fan all of my life. It's really nice to see that he is expressing his new artistic abilities such as painting!! I have been deeply touched with the death of Linda, & I hope that he continues with his music, & art for many years to come.