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Michele , U.S.A., March 13, 1999

Paul McCartney . . . too fascinating for words! If only I could meet him.

Cindy Wilson , United States Southern California, March 14, 1999

There is obviously nothing this man cannot do well-incuding stealing my heart and keeping a little bit of it these last 35 years. Paul, the little girl inside me still adores you, and the woman I became wants you to know you are truly a wonder and an inspiration to me. What a prolific talent you are. May your heart be healing slowly but surely,and peace be with you always.

Dawn Oyns , England, 16th March 1999

Paul, this exhibition looks really interesting. I hope that you decide to bring it home so we can all come and see your wonderful paitings. You never stop amazing me with your talents - love you always.

jane , Baltimore, MD, U.S.A., 3/16/99

Well, you've done it again Sir Paul McCartney -- Simply Amazing!!!!!

Darlene , America, 3-16-99

This man is just filled with talent.Is there anything he can't do. Peace to everyone!

giuseppe , parma, italy, 17/03/99

bravo paul!

David Inman , USA, 3/18/99

Looks like something a kindergartner would do.... Amazing how people confuse art with the artist. On a positive note...this artists endeavors in other pursuits (music) include many quite lovely tunes. Just an opinion.

Teresa Izzo , USA, 3/19/99

Absolutly intriguing! I had no idea Paul McCartney had such a surreal side to him. I really relate to his paintings....they are sooooooo cool. The unconscious just flows....where have I been? All the best to you, Paul. Fascinating and thank you Bowienet for exhibiting some of his paintings so all of us who can't make it to Germany get a chance to experience this side of someone who is so loved for all the great music he has given us over the years. Love..Teresa

John Lennon , Heaven, 19.03.99

Very nice

MMicky Shine , USA, 3/20/99

The colours are brilliant.... Thanks for the view... http://www.freeyellow.com/members6/mmicky5/index.html 'Music Perspectives' from a member of the XP Society

Reinhard Kämpfer , Siegerland, 21.03.1999

Es gibt wohl keinen Bereich in unserer Region, in dem die Strukturentwicklung erfreulicher und ansehnlicher gelungen ist als die Kultur. Meinen Glück- wunsch zu diesem außergewöhnlichen Kristallisationspunkt, der nicht nur uns Provinzlern viel Freude machen wird. Dem Kultur!Büro. gratuliere ich zu der professionellen Arbeit. In alter (und demnächst neuer) Verbundenheit Euer Reinhard Kämpfer

Tasha , Germany, 21/3/99

Good job to choose Germany ! And even a place not to far away from me... Looks very interesting so far ! I always wondered what Macca'd do after he'd retire from stage - but I didn't think he'd already done EVERYTHING while he still was doing tours and stuff ! P.S.: How about doing some paintings for animal-rights campaigns ? (Just an idea..)

Joanne Kiley , New Hampshire, U.S.A., 3-21-99

Dear Paul, Your music has been an inspiration to me since I was a girl of 14. 35 years later you can still do it. Unfortunately, although I find your paintings interesting, I can't relate to them at all. I just found out that Linda's collection of pictures will be shown in the Currier Museum of Art in my city in August. I am so excited and cannot believe the exhibit is being shown here. This is an event I am definitely looking forward to. "The love you take is equal to the love you make". These are the words I try to live by. Thank you Paul, Joanne

Peggy , USA, 3/21/99

I am not a critic but love your "Andy in the Garden" best. I tend to like landscapes/country scenes in art. You sure have your talents...what don't you do well??? Are you bringing your artwork to the US? Keep us posted; you can do so many things!

michellemundell , usa, 3-22-99

love to you Paul. Paintings are great and so was your speech at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Stella was great. Please keep singing.

Carol Lutz , AUSTRALIA, 23-Mar-99

WOW!! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself on the Internet. Often it seems that the Australian fans are ignored, but now we have the tools to keep up with your music and now your wonderful artwork. I have always admired your sketches - now I find I love your paintings, especially Andy in the Garden. Keep up the great work, have fun and please keep sharing with all of us.

Michele Nasser , Brasil, 23/03/99

It's a very nice job. I want to say something for you, Paul, but if you listen to your "Dear Friend" song, at Wild Life album, i think it would say what I want to say to you ( with some little changes, off course). Peace!

Willi Winzig , Germanien, 24.03.1873

We all love you Paul! Hopfull for more paintings!

Isabella Radaelli , Italy, 24.03.1999

Quando sono triste quando mi sento sola Quando sono allegra quando è festa quando piove quando c'è il sole quando è Natale quando è il giorno del mio compleanno quando sono con il mio Amore. Sempre e ovunque ascolto la tua musica e mi sento in Paradiso. Bravo Macca, you're great !!! Un bacio Isabella

PATTI LYNCH , USA, 03/25/99


Savanah McDaniel , United States (California), 3-25-99

Paul-You are simply too incredible for words! Everything about you brings a smile to my face! I fall more in love with you every single day, even though I'm only 20 YOU are the man for me! You get more incredible every second-keep up the pursuit of LOVE! I know Linda is looking down on you and loving you more than she ever knew she could! Love and happiness;)

Christian Rengstorf , Deutschland, 26. März 1999

Es ist wunderbar, endlich einmal die tollen Gemälde von Paul zu sehen. Ich freue mich sehr auf die Ausstellung und werde auf jeden Fall bei der Eröffnung anwesend sein.

Barbara O'Neil , Canada, March 28,1999

Dear Paul; I must be honest and say I've only ever seen a couple of your paintings on TV, but knowing how talented and caring you are I'm sure if I get the chance I'll love them. I also want to take this opportunity to give you my sincere condolences to you and your family for your great loss. Linda was a lovely person and losing her was a loss to the whole world. Anyway, if you ever get the chance, please write. Also, I heard you might start touring a little, I hope so because I have never seen you in person and I would love to. Pls come to the Corel Centre in Ottawa, Canada. Bye for now!

Florence Mockingbird , Canada, March 28, 1999

Personally to Paul McCartney: Hmmm...not bad. Prety grotty to me. Music's pretty darn good... lyrics are damn good, paintings are pretty grotty... Paul McCartney...who's that guy again?...oh that beatle guy... oh yeah....I remember. I'm touched! I'm inspired! It makes me cry...boohoohoo!

Gregg S. Reed , United States, March 28, 1999

Thanks for the inspiration. When I was 16 years old I painted a 6-foot by 8-foot world history mural, inspired by Paul McCartney's album Ram. Paul's music has lead him in the same direction with bright colors and lively abstract expressionist images. Paul continues to give me a view of art and music that educates and sustains my ability to create writing, graphics, and films from life.