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Bridgett Damian , U.S.A., 7/10/99

Paul, Thank you so much for all of the masterpieces that you have written for the world. You have touched so many people. You have brought joy and happiness to my life and the lives of many others. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world instead of keeping it to yourself. I am grateful to be alive in this century to be able to experience the beautiful music you have created. Many thanks to you!

Scott Whittekiend , USA, July 10, 1999

This work is fantastic! Paul McCartney should be commended for sharing his gift of artistic genius with the world. All should use their gifts this way - to brighten the lives of so many. Thanks Paul...

camy losbanos , us of america, 07-10-99

simply a serendipitous splendor! thrilling to see yet another dimension of One i have so long admired. thank you, groove on....

Meg Huntsman , America!, 11.7.99

Wow, what an amazing man. He does so many things with so much success. I'm only sixteen, but I think he, and the entire are such good people. I won't be able to see these paintings since I'm not going on the German class trip next year, but it Pauls talent and creativity never cease to amaze me. I would say 'Thank you Paul. You are very close to my heart." in German, but i haven't practiced all summer, so there it is in english. :) ~~Thank you, Paul McCartney~~ Meg Huntsman

Jill Yelland , USA, 7/11/99

Thanks to Siegen-Wittgenstein for allowing so many of us many miles away the opportunity to view Sir Paul McCartney's artwork. He is obviously a man talented in many fields.

LInda Hauptman , USA, 12 July 99

Glad to see the world finally see the depth to Paul's creativity.......

Mr.T , ,

Only one thing to say : it is mad what poeple call art!

Ralf Ranzenberger , Germany, 14.07.1999

Thank you Paul for your arts

Eugen Untersteller , Germany, 14. July 1999

My opinion: Paul McCartney is an artist of genius! Three days ago I saw the exhibition in Siegen. Soon after I started to look at the paintings I had often the impression to see, feel or even hear sounds. Parts of a painting "created" special sounds, the whole painting a music. When I saw the painting "C minor" there was no more doubt: Paul McCartney had expressed sounds, and I could "see" sounds in many paintings. Never before I had such an impression in the 25 years (I'm 45), that I am interested in art. The exhibition changed me, it inspired me. At least in this sense, that Paul McCartney made sounds or music visible, he is a genius. Maybe he even created a new style of expression.

David Harbec , Québec, 99/07/14

Paul, your creativity will always amaze me. From the Beatles, through the Wings, the Oratorio and Standing Stone, and now with your paintings. I very enjoyed the Bowie one! I hope to see your paintings and you in Montreal soon! David Harbec

Jon Harper , England, 20/7/99

I find Paul's paintings beautiful and inspiring, great use of colour and mood. I look forward to seeing and perhaps buying one of his pieces in the future. You've come a long way baby!

Mário Tendinha , Angola, 21-07-99

Expresso-me em português.Para mim não interessa se o Paul McCartney é um grande pintor. Ele é um dos maiores artistas vivo da actualidade, que marcou a história contemporânea através da sua música, o seu talento e a sua sensibilidade também traduzida na sua pintura. è um grande HOMEM deste século. Thank you Paul. Mário Tendinha, desde Luanda em Angola.

Sebastian Böcking , Germany, 22.07.1999

These paintings show the amazing varity of Pauls genius, just like the varity of his musical output.

Myrna , USA, 7-22-99

Paul, greetings from the USA! I love that you have such a creative gift, first thru your music then now I discover you are an artist, my thoughts for you today are that life is what you make it..and you have made it most beautiful, always know that we love you and wish you well. God Bless you - you lovely man.

Myrna , USA, 7-22-99

Paul, greetings from the USA! I love that you have such a creative gift, first thru your music then now I discover you are an artist, my thoughts for you today are that life is what you make it..and you have made it most beautiful, always know that we love you and wish you well. God Bless you - you lovely man!

Jean-Pierre Vandaele , Dilbeek, Belgium, 23.07.1999

Many thanks for the beautiful and happy expressions in art (music and the rest). You're enthusiasm and achievements are an important exemple for the youth today and other people. See also the web site gynaika.be (english version available), representing some cultural projects in Belgium.

Thomas Halle , Denmark, 24/07/99

Dear Paul, we visited your "ausstelhung" july the 16. It was a great pleasure to see your work "live". My family, wife Christina and daughter Louise (8 years), was with me, and they think it is very creative work. My daughter Louise likes your "egyption station" best !!! She bought all the postcards, for her self. We signed the guestbook the same day. The next day we went to Disneyland Paris, and had a great summerhollyday there for 3 days ! Best regards, Thomas Halle - Denmark

Anne , Canada, July 25, 1999

Paul, you are amazing! Not only are you an amazing musician, you are a very talented artist. I'd like to thank you for everything you've given and done for society. You have truly made an impact on this earth, you shall always be remembered for what you have done. Congratulations on your long-lived success. Love, Anne.

Gunther Gelber , Germany, 25.07.99

I visited the exhibition twice and I must say it was a success for our city to be the home of this world premiere. Some pictures I like best (e.g. black singer, shark on georgica and the celtics-series especially ancient ferility), most are ok, some are not my taste - but that's life...

Francis Peeters , Belgium, 25.07.99

Dear Paul I was unable to visit your paintings exhibition but I did get the catalogue.Great paintings hope you show them sometime in Belgium. Keep on painting. All the best also look forward to your new rock'roll CD.

Alberto Gutierrez Rivera , Mexico, 26/07/99

Querido Sir Paul Definitivamente este gusto por tu musica, por tu estilo de vida y todo lo referente a tu obra artistica,es ahora un complemento con todo lo que quieres decir. Para entender todo eso, no solo hay que admirar tu musica, o tus pinturas, tambien hay que saber de tu vida. Y despues de todo eso nos adentramos un poco a estos trabajos que ahora nos presentas, El resultado, Lo Mejor. Gracias por existir Paul Sinceramente Alberto Gutierrez

michael neuser , deutschland, 30.07.99

Besten Dank, für diese tolle Ausstellung. Professionell in der Provinz. Die Welt kennt Siegen,und ich als alter Beatles-Chatter(dieser Hinweis sei erlaubt), und Siegener Urgestein,kann endlich sagen,daß Köln und Frankfurt jeweils 100 KM weit weg sind.

Mitch , England, august 1 1999

Great Paintings Paul!! Love Mitch

Kasey Muller , USA, 8/6/99

Paul, Your paintings are fantastic!! Most people are really talented at just one thing they do, but you are so amazingly talented at everything you do!! How do you do it?!! Keep up the great work!! You are the best!!!!! Love, Kasey Muller

Heidi Sheldon , USA, Aug. 9th 1999

Paul - Do you have plans for an exhibition here? You really need to bring your stuff to the USA so that we might see your work firsthand. I'm amazed at your talent in this area - I always thought you and John just kind of scribbled stick people, but I've seen pieces I would love to own!!

Oliver Hirsch , Deutschland, 11.8.99

Als Siegerländer fand ich es für Siegen sehr wichtig, daß diese Ausstellung dort stattfand. Unserem Sohn (9 Monate) gefiel das Bild "Robot and star" am Besten, jedenfalls nach seinen Lautäußerungen zu urteilen. Ansonsten denke ich, daß der große Name mehr der Zuschauermagnet war als die Qualität der Bilder, die mir größtenteils nicht besonders gefallen haben.

Harald Rademacher , germany, 12.08.99

Hi Paul ! You're still giving me good feelings, hope and many good ideas. I'd like to thank you to be with me nearly my whole live long. I'm sorry I could'nt come to see your paintings. Also, I hope to see you on stage again. You are the one..... an old fan from germany best regards Hucky

L.J.Fortier , USA, 8/12/99

Dear Paulie, Some of your paintings are a bit ghastly and haunting, but such is life and our experiences with others or even alone at times. Every good artist deserves a go at the brush. Good on you for it. If you're interested in what's become of me these days, it's: (http://home.talkcity.com/HarmonyCt/lj40a/index.html) I wrote a nice piece on the old band from '70 that I sent you the record by, and have written a paper on what has, I suppose, been my own "magical mystery tour" of "internally discerned dialogue". I got to see you on the "Rock Hall" show from Cleveland (biggest city close to where I grew up). I thought that you "held your own" and that you were charming as usual, a feat some may not have appreciated fully considering all you've been through. I thought Linda was a very special lady. I always enjoyed what video clips I saw of you guys facing the world with love in your hearts. A special example to a mixed up world! Stay strong and may God bless you, "O Musical Mentor", I love ya, L.J.

Jimmy , México, 13 agosto 1999.

hi, it`s a pleassure to write this, and i hope someday to see yo bye

Dirk Van Bergen , Belgium, 14 august 1999

Thanks Paul,for the wonderfull moments you gave us with your music and now also with your paintings.




I always respect Paul.The other day I have a chance to have the United Nations Assosiation’s Test of English,and I passed the first test luckyly. Then,I have the second test,and there is the qusetion of persons I respect.My answer is,of course ”John Lennon and Paul McCartney!!”.So I can appreciate Paul from all aspects of view.I love all things that Paul has done!Paul’s paintings are pretty good!I also like painting,and from my view Paul’s paintings show me his greatness and give me a kind of courage.I thank Paul.

Emilia Barna , Hungary, 16-08-99

These paintings are wonderful, very inspiring. Thank you for giving us the chance to see them! And thank you so much, Paul!!

joanne , canada, 8/16/99

I thought Bowie Spewing was hilarious!


I like to writeme BEATLES fans and Paul fans Thank you LUIS

Reinhard Voigt , , 17.08.1999

Meine Freunde in Siegen berichten, dass sich die Siegerlaender Kulturszene durch die aktive Arbeit von Herrn Suttner sehr belebt hat. Bestimmt traegt die Ausstellung von Paul McCartney ebenfalls dazu bei, Siegen aus seinem kulturellen Dornroeschenschlaf zu wecken.

Igor Postash , Canada, 07/20/99

Dear Paul, I've always enjoyed your music. Now I can enjoy your art. You are a wonderfull man.

Edwin , USA, 8/31/99

Fascinating to see the McCartney "Gallery" here on this site. First time I've had a chance to view any of Sir Paul's paintings. Thank you.

Charles & Ramona Ross , Living in the USA, 9/3/99

We both love you Paul and hope to see you at the Bridge ... great that you are playing! We played your music at our wedding and had everyone humming BEFORE the event! Thanks for the great + happy + positive energy! Thanks for sharing - music, poetry, art...don't stop.

dan feliciano , united states, 9/3/99

I think you are an amazing artist..the magic and creativity flows with no end..but keep the new music comin...love it!!!! your bud dan!!!! would fancy an e-mail from ya!!!!

Mike Clark , Canada, September 4, 99

Paul (not to forget the Beatles) is a genius, a gift, and he seems to be a very nice guy. Interesting to view his art. I especially liked Bowie Spewing. With a 'little luck' he'll check out my 'cosmically conscious' site: http://www.freeyellow.com:8080/members7/earthpages/ Thank you Paul for many years of sheer delight!

Shannon Miller , USA, 9/8/99

In a world so drowned out by negativity, I thrive on knowing a better goodness exists. I can find serenity in knowing one person can touch so many lives. And, so with your music, your paintings, your words, your actions, you mere presence...you have touched my heart like no other ever will. The world is nothing without your musci. Sing on, Paul. Your voicce is that of an angel!! I love you!!! your biggest fan, shannon

Mark Hänser , USA, 17/9/99

As an "art-school"-trained painter as well as being as singer and lyricist, I've always seen and felt the connection between music and the visual arts. Paul is a very "painterly" painter -- "John's Room" is exquisite and worthy of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner -- and there is no reason why one of the most significant musicians of the century should be taken seriously as a painter, as well. I don't expect Sir Paul to remember this, but I interviewed him in LA for THE LONG BEACH UNION in 1984 -- what a thrill! A very gracious and articulate man who deserves far more critical respect than he's been given. Rock On, Paint On!

Randy Isom , USA, 9-17-99

Greetings from the Lone Star state Paul! You have a very special place in my heart. I too am a left handed guitarist/bassist and artist. I was born in Feb. 1964. A very important time in history (especially for America). Your music has changed the world and you inspire me to no end. Great paintings...keep up the good work. God bless - Randy



Linda Moorehead , USA, 9/20/99

Absolutely charming. Didn't know you had it in ya. Guess that art school training stuck after all. Bravo! Well done.

Eric C. Jones , U.S.A., 9/21/99

Paul, I recently read the biography that Mr. Miles wrote on you and was intrigued by his verbal descriptions of your paintings. I was very pleased to discover this website which provided images to go with those descriptions. Please mount a show of your work in the pacific northwest so that I may see them in their full glory! God bless you and your loved ones.

Nicole_Paul , USA, Sept 21, 1999

Oh James Paul.... "Sleep pretty dahrling, do not cry and I will sing a lullaby." We're all here for you babe. Love Always And Forever... Nicole_Paul

Desi Brousseau , America, 9/22/99

In all the years that I have been a fan of Paul McCartney's, his talent has never ceased to amaze me. Every time I think that nothing could top what he has already done, he tops it tenfold. His ability to tap into what I feel and how I think is absolutley astounding. As always I am grateful to have been around for the Beatle years and for the solo years. Most of the memories of my teen years and adult years can always be summed up with a beatle or McCartney tune. Since I share the same Birthday as Linda McCartney I have always felt that I have an affinity with her, and certainly since she loved my fav Beatle I am sure of it.

Carl Bragg , United States of America, 9-28-99

Paul, your paintings are fantastic! I hope they will be shown somewhere close to Colorado some day. I would love to see them all. Also, I just wanted to say you have always been my idol, and I was very sorry to hear about Linda's death. I know she must have been a very wonderful person. Good luck and hope to see you in concert someday!