Einträge / entries 3.3.99 - 7.3.99

Andrea Barany , Hungary, 03.03.99

Paul McCartney is an Artist, inside out, up and down. His paintings prove that his talent isn't restricted to dreaming up those great tunes. It's wonderful that now the world can gain another insight into the rich soul of such an amazing person. Thank you, Paul, for deciding to share your pictures with us!

Armin Benfer , D, 03.03.99

Als Vertreter des Hauptsponsors "Sparkasse" wünsche ich der Ausstellung "Paul McCartney Paintings" - nicht nur im eigenen Interesse - viel Erfolg. Glückwunsch an die Veranstalter für die bisher ausgesprochen professionelle Vorbereitung allen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern des Kultur!Büros.

George Van der Veken , Belgium, 3 March 1999

My wife and myself were privileged to attend the press conference "Paul McCartney Paintings" today at the Kunstforum Lÿz in Siegen, Germany. We were pleasantly surprised by those - for us unknown - skills of Sir Paul McCartney. The paintings we already saw today were brilliant and show a great master. We wish Sir Paul and the organisers of this exhibition in Siegen lots of success. George & Chris Van der Veken-Van Dijck, B-2300 Turnhout, Belgium.

Tom Jackson,Jr , Westerly,Rhode Island USA, 3/3/99

Hi, I would like to know how much the posters and the catalog are in US dollars? I would also like to say here we have another side of Sir Paul's talents. Way to go Sir Paul!

David Ohrndorf , D, heute

"David Bowie beim Kotzen" ist ja sehr witzig! Ich bin gespannt auf die Ausstellung!

Seebe Janssens , Holland, 03-04-99

Endlich sind die Gemälde zu sehen

Lynette Stark , U.S.A. , 3/3/99

WONDERFUL beyond all I imagined it would be! Thank you for putting up this website for us po' folk to be able to view the creative genius of Paul McCartney. He is truly gifted in all areas of the arts, not just music. I love, love, love the painting entitled "John's Room". Such freedom of movement, and depth of color, light-hearted style but intensity underneath and throughout-- it reminds me of his music which has such beauty to it that is anything but simple when you break it down in its structure. I have a degree in instrumental music (as well as being an author) and not too ago long listened to Paul's "Standing Stone" composition via internet. It is like this painting of "John's Room"- fresh, symbolic, clean and powerful. He is truly ahead of his time and extremely talented. This exhibit is breathtaking and energetic. If it looks this way on internet from thousands of miles away, how exciting it must be to see these works in person! Way to go, Paul! (okay, well, Paul won't be reading this) Way to go, Mr. Suttner, and thank you for bringing this to us, to me, and to my students and friends that I will be sharing this with.

Michael Neuser , Siegen, 07.06.60

Viel Erfolg ! Die Provinz voller Leben,beginnt zu beben!

Vittoria Miragoli , italy, 04/03/99

I'm so proud Paul!! A genius in the music and now a promise in the paint. I love you Paul. Vittoria

Catherine Carpenter , Atlanta, Georgia- USA, 3/3/99

Paul McCartney is a very multi talented and creative genius! I am so glad he is finally sharing his paintings with us too! I am very interested in purchasing one of these paintings or a print. Can you send me more information- the cost in US $$$s

Helge Halkjelsvik , Norway, 040399

This looks really promising lad! Go on - I think you can make a living out of it!-) All the best!

Jane Certo , Pennsylvania, USA, 3/3/99

What a wonderful treat to view yet another artistic side of that shining star, Paul McCartney. Thanks, Paul, for all you share with us!

Iris Lochbaum , Germany, 4/3/99

Thanks very much, Mr. Suttner, for bringing these paintings to Germany! They surely do look promising. All the best to the people organising this event. I'm sure it will be a great success. Well done, Paul, and thanks for choosing Germany as the first country to show your work in the field of painting. Ta, luv!

Harry Poignie , D/B, 04.03.99

Lieber Wolfgang Suttner, Herzlichen Glückwunsch ! Einer der größten Künstler unserer Zeit stellt seine Werke in Siegen aus. Ein Riesencoup! Sir Paul Mc Cartney is not only one of the greatest stars of the music scene, he is a great painter.The exhibition in my home town is a big event!

Jayne Tunnicliffe , Northern UK, 4 March 1999

I have been looking forward to seeing Paul's paintings for a long time, since reading about them in 'Many Years From Now' by Barry Miles. They are fantastic, and I am glad that he will now be considered for his painterly talents, when for so long he was ignored in favour of John and Stuart. Creativity takes many forms, and it pours out of his soul. Long may he thrive, and be appreciated for the pleasure he has given to millions.

Marie , USA, 3/5/99

PAUL, You ARE the best in all you do. Love you 'til the end of time.

THOMAS WOLF , deutschland, 5.3.99

Für unsere Region ist der Imagegewinn riesig. Der Informationsgehalt der Internetseiten ist wirklich gelungen. Weiter so!!

Donna Francis , U.S.A., 3/5/99

The paintings are beautiful....everything he touches is beautiful....thanks for always touching my life....Rock on Paul!! P.S. Could you come to my house and paint a picture for me? :) I wouldn't even mind if you sang for me!!!

Kenneth DeGraff , USA, 5/3/99

Congrats, Paul, on such a wonderful event! I am simply amazed at your work. My money, however, is on Andy in the Garden! Very interesting!

Raphaël Vandenberghe , Belgium, 6.03.1999

Dear friends, after composing , playing and singing rock songs,in a diversity of styles, after composing film music, after composing classical music, now paintings ! Sir Paul McCartney is surely the most complete artist of this century.-We knew we were right, way back in the sixties, when he first thrilled us! He really desserves to be entitled "sir" and the Hall of Fame.- Who can do better ? Thanks Paul,for all you do : we are lucky living today on this planet with you, because you make thousands , millions of people happy.-Life is worth living with such a talented human being.- Raphaël Vandenberghe

Takamichi HIJIYA , JAPAN, 6/3/1999

What a wonderful it is! I believe Paul McCartney is indeed a genius in ART. Well, I'd like to take my hat off to Paul and everybody involving in this paintings. Then I'll visit there to see them for real. V(^o^)V

Michel Laverdière , Montreal (Quebec), 05-03-99

Paul has always been a major artistic influence in my life, since the early Beatles days. Then he again amazed me when he released the Liverpool Oratorio, having become myself a classical record producer. So much so that I did produced a classical recording of his first film score, The Family Way, which allowed me to finally meet him in May 1995 at his London MPL office. Paul is a complete artist and proves to us the universality of ART as a whole. Songs, oratorios, sonatas, symphonies... poems, paintings... He inspires us by being himself, simply and totally. And that's being a great artist. Sir Paul's paintings are wonderful, personal, clever, they have style and a real identity. BRAVO Sir Paul and thank you.

Janet Dunne , Tucson, AZ USA, 3/5/99

Thank you for allowing me to view Sir Paul's beautiful paintings. I think painting is a form of relaxation and it shows how much he loves it. While I loved and appreciated all his work, my favorites were the Celtic series. Those were very peaceful and soft to my eyes. I felt "rested". I hope it will make a United States tour. Please send me additonal information on the price of posters in US dollars. I'm not sure I understood it exactly under "order". Sorry.

Thanks again for sharing such an extraordinary exhibit and thanx, Paul, for your unselfishness. God bless you. Janet Dunne

Klaus Müller , Deutschland, 6.03.1999

All the best to Paul. We still love you!

Barb , America, 7Mar,'99

Andy in the Garden is my fave.... next to John's room...I love the colors in Andy's Garden... I have a friend named Andy...This would hang well in my living room... Please send more info on how to purchase..

Thank U Paul!!

Jeralyn Toben , United States, 3/7/99

This is an interresting idea. I would like to see some of Paus's paintings, but I couldn't find that. Please at least give us a bit more to look at. I can't make it over seas so I suspect it will be a while before I get to see any of Paul's art.

Did you get the right site? http://www.siwikultur.de/pmc/indexb.htm Click on "Gallery". Or: without frames, try http://www.siwikultur.de/pmc/english/galerie.htm

Alan Dean , Dallas, Texas, 3/7/99

Thank you so much for the great site! It's wonderful to be here and I really enjoyed the show! I'll be ordering in the near future-great for those of us who can't personally be there. Thanks again- Alan Dean (AD in Big D)

John Norris , UK, 7/3/99

I am spellbound! Paul is "the" consumate artist and I cant wait to get over to siegen to see them for my self. All of you Germans should be very proud that Paul chose to make his first exhibition over there.................. "how do you say"? WUNDERSCHON!