Unspoken words

1994, Oil on canvas
122 x 122 cm

Paul McCartney

This convincing piece of work is the result of McCartney's experimentation with paint and canvas, perspectives and techniques. The artist makes playful use of the complementary colours blue and orange/yellow and turns the canvas round several times while painting, standing it upside down and on its side, thus giving it a well-balanced composition. It is characteristic of him that he breaks up the painted areas with elements which are scratched or drawn. In the centre of the picture is a head which is so boldly painted and so rich in graphic highlights that it seems to thrust forward out of the painting. The other two heads are less elaborate in form and are turned away. The face on the left has a mouth which is sealed with an "S", while the head on the right is an almost blank space, like a flat object on the canvas. Communication and the breakdown of communication are frequent themes in Paul McCartney's painting.

PAUL McCARTNEY paintings , Kunstforum Lz, Siegen, 1. Mai bis 25. Juli 1999
Konzeption & Organisation der Ausstellung: Kultur!Bro. Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein
Paintings Paul McCartney. Photographs of the artist Estate of Linda McCartney

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