Big mountain face

1991, Acrylic on canvas
152 x 122 cm

Paul McCartney

This monumental picture of a head was painted in the west of America. It is reminiscent of Mount Rushmore, the mountain sculpture of the American presidents. Shades of umbra, sienna and white dominate and colours run into each other to form so-called "drainages". At first sight, the picture seems to depict a person or a mountain. Observed more closely, however, the areas in which colours and shapes merge form a landscape of their own, a "facial landscape". What is typical of McCartney's painting is the emphasis on process rather than product: the artist is influenced by things happening around him and by his inner state of mind and not by any premeditated concept. In many of McCartney's pictures, "drainage" is a design principle: a chance mingling of colours running into each other is the impulse for the painting process. In "Big mountain face", a very ambiguous and imaginative picture, McCartney ingeniously maintains the balance between realism and gestural expressionism.


PAUL McCARTNEY paintings , Kunstforum Lz, Siegen, 1. Mai bis 25. Juli 1999
Konzeption & Organisation der Ausstellung: Kultur!Bro. Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein
Paintings Paul McCartney. Photographs of the artist Estate of Linda McCartney

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