Black singer

1991, Acrylic on canvas
152 x 122 cm

Paul McCartney

A night scene: From beneath the shades of black (dark pictures are rather untypical of McCartney's work) light patches of colour emerge, breaking through the black surface. The levels alternate, however, white being either the unpainted canvas shining through or a thick, paste-like layer on top. The black is almost oppressive, allowing scarcely any other expression of colour than the almost red-hot glow of red. As is often the case in McCartney's work, the painting process and the spontaneity of his experimentation with the materials produce formulations which are strongly gestural. The result is then not a portrait but a facial landscape. Here, a physiognomy is not the starting point for the composition but what emerges during the final stages of the work. The mouth which is scratched in introduces the subject matter: "Black singer". But this too is an experiment, for by scratching out the paint in one final stroke, McCartney draws attention to the material aspect of the painting process.

PAUL McCARTNEY paintings , Kunstforum Lz, Siegen, 1. Mai bis 25. Juli 1999
Konzeption & Organisation der Ausstellung: Kultur!Bro. Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein
Paintings Paul McCartney. Photographs of the artist Estate of Linda McCartney

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